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Really old chick; in her 50's.
The phase a woman enters after being a vet, which is the 40 year old range.
I need to bad me a P.O.W. to get my paper straight.
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
term used to describe the child of a teen mother; "Enod" or "Nods" for multiple children


She is pretty but she has three enods.
She is pretty, does she have any nods?
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
This is a girl that has up to three major flaws, but is potential sex material regardless. The flaws can be weight, acne, bad teeth etc. The one exception is bad feet, which is unacceptable and is an automatic disqualfier.
She is driving a bucket, but she is a swan all day.

I went to the old head club last light and bagged up two swans.
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
Old desperate chick; usually in her 40's; A Vet is the stage before becoming a POW, which is the same definition but in her 50's.
She doesn't have a bad body for a vet.
by Wartime Consigliere January 24, 2010
When you recycle a past girlfriend, lover, jumpoff or sexual partner into your current rotation.
I about to go green with this chick from high school on facebook.
by Wartime Consigliere March 17, 2010

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