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4 definitions by Wardrobe Lamppost

Believing or misbelieving that hiring more family members will make life better.
This company is sinking, hiring your sister now is a leap of nepoptomism.
by Wardrobe Lamppost February 12, 2009
Pronounced Jean-Yass, It is a brilliant selection of pants based on how great your ass looks wearing them.
Did you see Aimee today? Yeah shes totally got a jeanyass outfit on.
by Wardrobe Lamppost March 04, 2009
The euphoric feeling just after correctly using a new word.
"Dude, calm down. You just had a vorcabism after you said that. Its not like you're the first one to say Flirtationship"
by Wardrobe Lamppost February 12, 2009
Singing, humming, and mumbling your way through a song, that you don't entirely know all the words to. Or don't even have the faintest idea what the tune is, yet you still feel some innate obligation to vocalize some noise with the song.
"Hey, turn off your radio!"

"No way. Why?"

"Cause that girl keeps Shmumbling along with every song! Its driving me crazy, learn the words or even get the tune right! Ugh."
by Wardrobe Lamppost November 24, 2009