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A neighbourhood near L.A., featured in the OC (perhaps a tad inaccurately, incorrectly portraying it as "the wrong side of the tracks"), which produced such fine, upstanding fictional characters as Ryan Atwood, Trey Atwood and Theresa WellMeaningSeductiveHoe.
Why don't you just go back to Chino? I'm sure there's a really nice car in the parking lot that you can steal!
The name given to someone with a particularly blockish head, whether it be due to a particularly BAD haircut or the general shape of their head. Originating from the form the head takes when this condition sets in, sufferers of this syndrome face much ridicule and jocularity from the general public at large.
"Dear Lord! It's Big Square D! Flee!!"
"You know, Big Square D! AKA Richard Dalrymple?"
by War of the Blonde Gargantuans November 22, 2004
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