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16 definitions by Wanksta

Last one in EVIL and is good at rico and CS. Owns me all the time.
Oh man RushJet1 got me with the decap again.
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
2 6
person of low intelligence
only goutas drive terkels
by wanksta February 22, 2003
5 10
The #1 Ricochet and 2nd Cs player. Technically he owns the world of HL.
Oh shit razors here we better leave theres no chance of us winning now.
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
1 8
a short term for whoaday
by wanksta April 15, 2003
6 13
Ricochet and CS player who uses the USP and bugs the hell out of me.
Wha killed me with a USP again.
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
8 17
This move requires the active participation of you, a camera, one unconscious individual, and a damned good friend. Pull your pants down to your ankles and position your ass hole about 6 inches away from the unconscious person’s face. Then give them a sharp smack in the face (they have to be sleeping on their back for this to work). When he wakes and raises his head in disorientation, your friend snaps a quick Polaroid of him tossing your salad. Definitely recommended when the victim has already spent time in prison as a prom queen
by wanksta July 31, 2003
13 23
Admin who was second in the tourny and is an admin on GRITS' Ricochet site.
Sup KM Nice Shot
by Wanksta January 19, 2004
1 13