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St. Catherine's School's own performing arts theatre. It has held productions for over 50 years, and has been led by Maury Hancock for quite some time. It has seen many members of Ampersand pass through its grand proscenium arch. Recently it has been host to such plays as Ring Around the Moon, The Childrens Hour, and the acclaimed You Can't Take It With You. Next in its schedule of productions are, Philadelphia Here I Come, and a play being written specifically for St. Catherine's School. The Order of the Tassel meets secretly on nights of productions in the shop yard.
Wanker #1: You know, I just spent 32 straight hours in McVey Theatre.
Techie/Actor:Wow, sounds fun.
Wanker #1:Yep.
by Wanker #1 January 30, 2005
A secret society at St. Catherine's School, meeting on the nights of Ampersand and occasionally Joni performances. The number of members is less than ten. I cannot disclose any further information. I have said too much as it is. The tassels are sexy though.
Member 1:Shhh, we cannot say anything about the order.
Member 2:Your right.
Member 1:I am going to prepare the pig for the next meeting of the Order of the Tassel.
by Wanker #1 January 26, 2005
Comes directly from the top of McVey (thanks Grace). A semi-derogatory term, taken light-heartedly by the recipient. It literally means that the beholder of the name is very specific in what needs to be done, and expects the crew to do it. If you are part of the crew and reading this, then you need to get back to work! Wankers....
Wanker 1: Damn, the light nazi is really working us hard today.
Worker 2: Yeah...
Light Nazi: Get back to work!!!WANKERS!!!
by Wanker #1 January 26, 2005
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