14 definitions by Wanker

A guy who wears shorts, a polo shirt and a cowboy hat.
Check it out, that guy is Max Hardcore!!
by wanker January 07, 2005
a tight rapper
asscock, you like to fondle with men's nuts
by wanker November 04, 2003
powerful erections teach children how!
Police enjoy the child hunt!
You big sick petch
by wanker April 27, 2003
fat old bitch lady who walks around and says "go to the LGRRRR"
fuck the warden is here. i can't do any good shit
by wanker September 18, 2003
the same as monney, cash, rupies, chiefs, SMACKS!!
gay1: What do you take for a night bitach!?
gay2: Me love you long time for 100 smack'a'ronies
by wanker February 20, 2003
so uber it makes me want to shit myself
i am going to shit myself
by wanker November 04, 2003
A collection of scat memorabilia.
ie. to be one dirty cunt
by wanker June 02, 2003

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