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For one too be absolutely and unequivocally mind-fucked. A wanked state of consciousness usually occurs around finals week, when students are reduced to angry twitching wankers.

Wanked can also carry the connotations of being really fucked up on some dank shit.
"Well, I was gonna start studying for my history final but I was way too wanked to pull it off."

"Dude some sticky purp got in last night and i was basically wanked outta my skull"
by Wankaaaaaaaaaa' March 01, 2010
When you go around and around and around and around so many times that you finally disappear up your own asshole.
"Did you see that Apolo Ohno guy on the ice rink? He kept going around the ring until he pulled a centrifugalbumblefuck!"
by Wankaaaaaaaaaa' March 01, 2010
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