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An act usually performed at an event where a large number of mothers will be present, for example a school football match or open evening, where one simply walks around the event looking out for and admiring young or middle aged mothers that they wouldn't mind genitally infiltrating.
"I've been made to take parents around the school at open evening today, it's an effort and a half"

"Mate, its the perfect oppurtunity to do a bit of MILF scouting"

"OHHH YEAHH, that makes it so much more worth it"
by Wangdalf January 30, 2008
Bus juice is the mysterious clear/slightly dirty liquid that always seems to be on the floor of every bus. You are never quite sure what this liquid is and it is probably not worth coming into contact with.
"Hey lets go sit over here there's some free seats"
"I don't think so, look, theres a big puddle of bus juice underneath the seats"
"It smells funny"
by wangdalf October 31, 2006
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