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1. A district of central London.

2. (SoHo) A district of southwest Manhattan, New York City. South of Houston Street, hence SoHo.
I woke up in a Soho doorway. A policeman knew my name. He said, "You can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away."
by Wang Chung January 17, 2004
Similar to bitching. Comparable to the excritment of waste.
Jesus, Tom has been pissing and moaning all night!
by Wang Chung January 05, 2004
(v.) a person who exemplifies the qualities of a stereotypical Goth and takes pleasure in a being a stereotypical Goth but who denies any connection to the stereotypical Goth
You are such a Tenoch, we can all see your a Goth, deal with it.
by Wang Chung November 17, 2004
a perfect, non mistake entity with no social life. Can adapt to any situation to be the best at all costs.
Vivek Behera, Hands down
by Wang chung December 02, 2004
An excessively retarded person who insists on inviting you to his house everyday of the week. Also mooches off you and never has a ride home. AKA THE BIGGEST FAG EVER
Wow i cant believe that he dint have a ride home, and wanted to hang out after. Hes such a Zawada.
by Wang Chung January 24, 2005
you are such a smokie
by Wang Chung August 13, 2003
a cool word...
Shit son!! u shot me in da lung!!
by wang chung August 13, 2003

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