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When you bump someone on your MySpace top friends from the first tier (top 4) to the second tier (top 5-8).

For some reason, people become overly offended when they don't make the top friends list, so demoting someone is a direct insult.
My best friend slept with my crush, so I second-tiered the bitch.
by wanderlust13 June 09, 2007
A personality in Hollywood who continues to make millions despite an appalling lack of talent.

Her dancing abilities are laughable, so I can't understand why people call her a good dancer. She basically does the same move over and over (shake her gigantic ass and huge thighs) with an occasional dip thrown in.

Her singing skills are questionable as her screechy voice is most unpleasant, sort of like giving a cat a high colonic. Similar to Celine Dion (who sounds like someone tossed a cat into a washing machine on spin cycle.)

Her acting skills are possibly the worst. Compare to Nicole Kidman's complete lack of acting ability. Wooden and contrived, she couldn't carry a movie if they put it in a basket for her. See "Maid in Manhattan," "The Wedding Planner," and "Enough" if you dare. And I'm not even counting "Gigli."

She's shaping up to be the next Elizabeth Taylor, except without the class or acting ability. I mean just in the sense that she's a serial divorcee. She's already on her third husband to The Crypt Keeper - er, I mean Marc Anthony - a man she stole while he was still married.

She should really make the decision to retire from show business to stay home and concentrate on her family. No, really. She really, really should.
I'm getting tired of waiting for Jennifer Lopez to realize she has no talent, and that she should just go disappear somewhere with the Crypt Keeper and never bother us again.
by Wanderlust13 November 23, 2007

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