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(v.) To let someone keep doing something that's been banned or discontinued, because they were granted this right before the ban was imposed. To make an exception for a veteran and let him keep doing things the old way. Used in the past participle.
You can't get a license to drive a 200cc motorcycle here nowadays, but you'll still see old Smokey riding his around. He's grandfathered.
by WanderingDave August 28, 2006
The capital of the Indonesian island of Roti. Just about the coolest place name ever, and definitely a sign that that far east, you're practically into the land (water?) of Tiki gods.
Traveler #1: Forget Bali. Next summer, I'm going to Baa!
Traveler #2: Baaahahaha!
by WanderingDave July 24, 2006
A thin, sorry excuse for facial hair consisting of a few scraggly, individually visible hairs scattered above a man's upper lip. Typically seen on teenage boys who can't yet grow a full moustache, and on men from ethnic backgrounds that typically have sparse facial hair. Pathetic for the same reasons as a comb-over, and very low class.
Jimbob's luck changed one day when he shaved off his mullet and his Mexican moustache. Someplace called him back for a job interview that wasn't a gas station.
by WanderingDave July 05, 2006

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