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A Vitali is a slang expression that can imply a number of characteristics correlated to an internet personality originally named v1tal1. This legendary poster earned serious e-cred on the sherdog BBS as well as many other notable BBS. Someone called a Vitali is one or more of the following:

1. Excessively Emo (gay-esque, but w/o teh bumsechs)
2. Excessively Brilliant
3. Someone who pretends to be a woman to pwn gnoobs and reinforce the concept of "there are no weemuns on the intraweb".
4. A gimmick loving newb gnutthugger that aspires to be like the original v1tal1.
5. A suspected alter-ego of the real v1tal1

XPosterX--This cat just pwned every knewb on the board
YPosterY--Ya, he's a Vitali
by Wamrage January 04, 2007

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