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Female Genitalia, usually referring to a distinct fish-like smell eminating from the orafice/otherwise known as the slit.
Damn, that girl's tuna tunnel ROTTEN.
by Wamba September 16, 2003
When an individual living the state of Texas, stand upright on a tree stump so as to position his groinal area close to and engage in a sexual manifestation of penile nastiness with a COW.
My penis is covered in fly larva because of my promiscuous actions while stump breaking last weekend.
by Wamba September 15, 2003
Slang from insane members of a 4 day cult, referring to MALE genitalia.
Damn son, your tubularly elongasized turkey neck is seriously about to choke your left leg.
by Wamba September 15, 2003
An exclamation used by two individuals living on Sandy Vagina which will soon be the destruction of Jacksonville NC.
This beer is shitty. YEAH IT IS!!!
by Wamba September 15, 2003

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