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A Ruralsexual is your typically underpaid and overly worked good ol' boy, who would most often be found during his time off, sitting around in his skid marked briefs with his hand down the front, groping his manhood, watching sports events or lesbian porn on t.v., eating microwave burritos and drinking budweiser beer. Traditionally speaking, Ruralsexuals have nacho-cheese stained fingers and dorito crumbs stuck in their chest hairs and navels and to occasionally confirm to all bearing witness that they are still 100% male, Ruralsexuals are likely to take a quick sniff of their previously occupied hands to see if it's the nacho cheese or the duck butter beneath their ball sac that smells so ripe. Ruralsexuals love to have sex with women only and do not like sissy boys, metrosexuals or any guy that is even somewhat limp-wristed.
"Married with Children's" Al Bundy, would be considered the Founding Father of all Ruralsexuals. Heck, he's their poster child!
by Walter Whitney January 18, 2007

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