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The worlds funnest girl to be around but the worlds biggest tease she actually has a set of guy friends that she hangs out with and teases. but she gose to random partys at diffrent areas and hooks up with random people she carries possible cases of the clap and other shitty STI's.
person 1: dude i think the chick you guys hang out with all the time wants me?

Person 2: No dude she dose that to all of us....

Person 3: yea man its bullshit cuz the "Slut Bag Mcfuck stick" is hott!!!!

Person 4: yea no shit id hit it.

Everyone: me too!!!!!!

person 2: haha she probubly has the clap anyway.

person 4: well ill take one for the team.....

Everyone else: alright dude bed time youv had tomuch to drink.
by Walter Fishington September 21, 2010
An adolescent boy whom has just discoverd masterbation.
usually has an acne riddin face, underbite, and his diet consists of chicken nugguts and mr. pib. Has no funds to buy lub or tissues. because he spends his money on Mcdonalds, comics and soft core anime porn. So he masterbates with his sock and tosses it in the laundry.
Mom: I wish our son wasnt a sock fucker.
Dad: When i was his age i was way to up in the pipe to try that.
Mom: i want a divorce.
by Walter Fishington September 23, 2010
Girl between the age of 14 and 16 that is under 5 foot. Wich makes her pocket size. That has boobs the size of 34B or bigger. Always wears something that shows of cleavage and make sure to hike up and push her boobs out as much as possible. Hunts men 18 and above and usually blue balls them or gets them in jail.
Dude did you see that little "Pocket Whore" at the movie theater.

Lets go find some "Pocket Whores" befor we turn 18.

Look at that gang of "Pocket Whores" over there.

Damn "pocket whores" were are all the girls that wont put me in jail.

Look at the boobs on that "pocket whore".

O look "pocket whores".
by Walter Fishington September 20, 2010
Emo kid who works at McDonalds
did you see that McEmo in there.
by Walter Fishington September 20, 2010
The worlds best meth addict. will do anything for meth even eat there own. will sink as low as robbing chillren of there lunch money. will stay up for 16 days at a time on meth just because they love it that much.
Dude so the other day i watched one of thouse "methzilla" basterds rob a child of his lunch money but i was on my iphone so i didnt bother.
by Walter Fishington September 23, 2010
When some one is talking shit. And you put a condom on and burn rubber in the asshole to shut them up.
Shit your mouth before I burn rubber in your asshole!!!!
by Walter Fishington November 08, 2015
Term used to induce fear, hopelessness, and unconfert.

Usually used at partys by the really drunk guy.
can be taken two way funny or vary offencive.
Person 1: hey man can you go get me a beer?
Person 2: HEY "I WILL FUCK YOU"!!!!!
by Walter Fishington September 23, 2010

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