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Walrus is the crunkest cereal in da hood, some think of it as a narcotic due to it's addictive flavor and the fact that its main consumers are crackheads. Like most ghetto-ass products, Walrus comes in a huge plastic bag, Fuck boxes. Walrus can be eaten with cereal, by hand, snorted, or injected. When you refer to Walrus, be sure to just say Walrus, no extras. You can find Walrus in your local Brookshires grocery store marked "Cocoa Crisprice."

P.S.- Walrus is strictly for ballas and crackheads, so if you is a weak ass nigga, this shit will fuck you up.
John: Hey man what are you eating? is that cereal?
#cereal #walrus #cocoa #rice #chocolate #brookshires
by Walrus Lover May 15, 2008
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