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20 definitions by Wally Wallies

What I do whenever I read Urban Dictionary.
"Hmmm, I think I'll browse the Urban Dictionary today"

*clicks the "New" button, clicks on random definitions, reads stupid kiddie bullshit*

"Oh, for fucks sake"
by Wally Wallies April 01, 2009
The only encyclopedia with more information on Sonic the Hedgehog than William Shakespeare.
Wikipedia is the ultimate pseudo-intellectual resource.
by Wally Wallies February 27, 2007
"Palestine" is derived from "Provincia Syria Palestinae" a regional name given to what was formerly "Provincia Judea" -- renamed by Roman Emporer Hadrian in 70AD as punishment for the Jewish Revolt, by trying to erase its Jewish identication.

Modern day "Palestine" however, is a complete fabrication. There has never been a separate country or people of Palestine. Arabs calling themselves Palestinians are well aware that there is no connection between the "ancient civilization of the Philistines" and themselves. Philistines were sea-people from the Greek Islands, most likely from Crete. (Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula.) The Philistines settled along the coast of what was called "Canaan" in Biblical times, around the same period as the migration of the ancient Hebrews -- in the 13th and 12th Century, BC. Philistine cities were at constant war with the early Israelites. The Philistine nation was eventually destroyed by the Babylonian invasion of Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC.

Arabs arrived a thousand years later.

The modern usage of "Palestine" comes from the post-Ottoman Empire "British Mandate of Palestine," which included what is now called Jordan. The Arabs now calling themselves "Palestinians" are the same as those calling themselves "Jordanians."
Arab: "I'm a Palestinian and deserve my own country!"

Historian: "Could you please describe a Palestinian language, culture or history, which makes you different from your Arab brothers in Jordan?"

Arab: "Help, help, I'm be oppressed!"

This is a re-post of a completely factual definition that was deleted by twats who can't handle the truth.
by Wally Wallies December 29, 2004
An online cesspit of pre-teen nonsense, pretentiously corting itself as a "slang dictionary".

Most "entries" are unreadable, illiterate slops of pedantic shit stemming from the creativity-throttled minds of our braindead youth.

Most entries fall into the categories of irrelevent, self-centered claptrap (in which the subject is not the word being defined but "I"), redundant repetition of what has already been stated ("me too!"), incoherent arguments about absolutely nothing, over-opinionated screeds from those who are the most unqualified to comment on the subject, "this guy is gay", shameless self-promotion, whiny, insecure pleas for acceptance from total strangers on the internet, extreme irony, intoxicated non-sense, and on rare occasions; definitions of slang words used in the English language by various groups of people.

Nothing wrong with the site or the guy who made the site. Just something wrong with who uses and what is contained within.
It's fun to go on Urban Dictionary to laugh at stupid teenagers who take their worthless fashion trends too seriously.

Emo preppy goth sXe scene metal punk jock hardcore abercrombie rap nerd vegan hippie hot topic liberal conservative wigger gamer juggalo redneck hipster WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE??? WHAT ARE YOU GAINING FROM DEFINING YOUR ENTIRE LIVES BY MEANINGLESS LABELS??? WHY ARE YOU ALL SUCH INSECURE, VALIDATION-STARVED, UNORIGINAL CONFORMIST VAPID CUNTS???
by Wally Wallies June 19, 2006
When you reply to a troll or group of trolls on the internet, usually angrily and while showing signs of being offended.

When you do this, you give the trolls the attention that they crave. You're responding in the way that the troll wants you to respond. You get upset over something that someone posted on the internet.

There are many trolls on this site. Please don't feed the trolls. Send their "definitions" to Quality Control and then ignore them.
J.B. is a poster who kept feeding the trolls over minor issues. Now the trolls run rampant with his username because J.B. kept giving them the attention they wanted.
by Wally Wallies December 06, 2004
1. The place where people who got banned from Wikipedia go and post factually-wrong information to make them feel smart and superior. You may feel smart on this website, but it doesn't change the fact that you're a fat, turnip-faced failure in real-life.

2. A site with even more shameless attention whoring than Myspace and Facebook combined.

3. Quite possibly the biggest collection of retards and losers only rivaled by GameFAQs. Where every glaring stereotype of Internet message board posters can be found in all their moronic, 13-year old glory.

4. Edited by a bunch of dense-as-lead 40-year old deadbeats who have no idea about anything regarding slang terms, and just signed up so they could feel powerful online over a bunch of whiny tweens. They sometimes reject publishing names, but keep all the blatantly racist and factually-wrong entries. I can find at least a dozen racist entries under the "newest" tab a day. Great job, editards!

5. The toilet of the Internet. If only the webmaster would just flush it already.
There needs to be a disclaimer on Urbandictionary's frontpage warning about the IQ-decreasing effects that the content of this site contains.
by Wally Wallies July 09, 2006
A dictionary for brain-damaged people.

Basically EBaumsworld.com, but in text form. Popular amongst the same crowd as well.

(there's no way this will be published, but to the editors: please fucking kill yourselves or do something worthwhile with your lives. If this gets published then the previous message applies to all the definition writers as well. Seriously, you people are sad, sad losers.)
huh huh huh...urban dictionary is so awesome....huh huh....poop....huh huh....chuck norris.....huh huh....math is hard....
by Wally Wallies November 26, 2006