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describes one who is worthy of fornication
Sheila is not fuckable due to the malignant goiter that encompasses nearly all of her neck.
by Wally Petro August 20, 2008
gaseous expulsion emanating from penis
A penis fart is incredibly rare and dangerous.
by Wally Petro August 20, 2008
a uniquely colored beard which contains three different tones, usually red/orange/yellow or brown. Uncommon, but most often sighted on large males with red hair.
A tricolored beard is usually sported by a man of Norwegian extraction.
by Wally Petro August 21, 2008
An icy sickle which was formerly a liquid (usually of bodily origin) that hangs from a cock
Nigel fell asleep masturbating in a freezer and upon awakening found a cock sickle dangling from his penis.
by Wally Petro August 20, 2008
having the quality of scag; being filthy, disgusting, well-worn and used rubbish
Tiffany is a scaggy looking bitch.
by Wally Petro May 20, 2009
private area, genitalia, gonads
Carley sniffs a fat line of adderol off of jeremy's underparts. she did this in order to better focus on weaving his narf hairs together into a traditional Portuguese beaded narf scarf.
by Wally Petro May 20, 2009
one who tickles the narf, the area located between vagina or penis and the anus
Eliza delights in tickling Mel's underparts. Eliza is a narf-tickler.
by Wally Petro May 20, 2009

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