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3 definitions by Walle

The total pwner of Counter-Strike and pretty much all other games he plays. Totally owns noobs all day long. Plays for the Kamloops, BC based Counter-Strike clan named K2.
1. Man, that 'walle' kid freakin owns the face in Counter-Strike. I don't know how that kid gets so many headshots, walle is so good.
2. OMFG i got pwned by walle
by walle April 25, 2005
A totaly hot girl that is understanding and is 1,000,000,000 times cooler than your girlfriend
best girl ever to walk the Earth. jorrie is like a wonderful fairy or angel.
by Walle February 21, 2012
'Esk' is the nickname of one elite counter-strike player named Don. He plays for the elitest team in the world, named K2, based out of Kamloops. Who owns. They own you.
1. Man, that ESK kid fckin pwned me!
2. Damn, esk is BS gettin al lthose Headshots
3. Man, if only esk was as good as walle
by walle April 25, 2005