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To have sexual intercourse; to have sex or get sexed;
to screw, get screwed, or busy screwing;
to get laid; doing the bump and grind;
to fuck, getting fucked, or busy fucking...

Yes... a lotta names for an act of pleasurable sex. :)
Alexis and I didn't waste time to jump
in the sack and bump bones with each other.
by Wallaroo October 27, 2005
(noun)- the emmission of gases for the anus, produced
by the breakdown of starches, sugars,and protein in
the large intestine.

(verd)- to release said gases violently with either a
loud, blubbering noise, a soft purr, a short, loud blast,
or a silent whoosh. However, said gases may have different
olfactory factors ranging from the scent from a paper
mill to that of rotting cabbage.
Never fart in ANY enclosed places.
That would be considered torture in
anyone's book, even the Geneva Convention
would not condone it.

"Awww... MAN!!! Smells like rotten
Easter eggs getting a perm!" - From Mighty Max
by Wallaroo September 29, 2005
Fat, lazy, leftist, POS, doucebag liar of a director.

A mockery of an American who uses freedom of speech as a
shield constantly to make movies that are outright lies,too
busy blaming America for the problems it has, and getting
rich off of shit fiction he makes up.

His words are not worth a plugged nickle. Hollywood should
stop funding him. The IRS should rob his fat ass blind.

And noone would be surprised if the Taliban kills him if he
joins the Al-Quieda.
Roy Lee: Wanna see "Sicko"? It's the latest Michael Moore movie!

Me: And here more of Moore's lies?! Fuck off, ya pissant!!
You're the only one who believes his shit!!!
by Wallaroo August 31, 2007

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