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Many a time I have found myself trying to describe what being high is like. In all honesty there cannot really be a single definition of this state of being, seeing as almost every different high (at least for me) seems to play out somewhat different. My best explanation is : Being high is a state of being when all the tension in all your muscles is relieved and you have ultimate relaxation. You will most likely start to space out for what seems like forever and then instantly realize how disconnected you are. At this point you then turn to your friend and tell them what you just told them and they will reply, "DUDE I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN!" or they will stare at you blakly for a few seconds and then start to laugh their ass off. Then comes the uncontrollable laughing fits at almost nothing or at nothing itself. All music you hear will sound like the clearest and best quality music you have ever heard. Also, when you watch movies you get sort of a tunnel vision and it seems like you're in a movie theater. Another thing is that just your normal vision will seem like the quality has shot way up and even the difference in color of leaves in fall will make you be completely and utterly in bliss with how beautiful every thing is. Also some may feel a heightened sexual arousal. You may find that you will be telling stories that are not relevant at all. To sum up, being high is a very relaxing, fun, safe way to have fun and just appreciate life more.
yo dude we are so high right now, I cant believe we just wrote a definition
by Wallace Wesley November 02, 2010
possible stoner check point

see SCP for more information
yo dude, your hottub is like a class E3 PSCP, we should definitely smoke there for the first time tonight!
by Wallace Wesley November 04, 2010
Stoner Check Point - An SCP is an area to smoke weed at. It's used to make subtle hints to a let other stoners who are of the knowledge of this word where you want to go smoke. Typically SCPs are found in the woods or in a somewhat secret area where getting caught in the act of smoking is slim. However, if you have many SCPs located in the area your in you may have a difficult time choosing where to smoke. This is why there is a rating system. The rating system contains 2 variables: class and reliability. Class is ranked A - E, with E being the most comfortable, relaxing and scenic area to smoke, and A being an uncomfortable, boring and non relaxing place to smoke. The second variable, reliability, has a different meaning than is implied. Reliability, when referring to an SCP, means chance of being caught or found in the act of smoking. A reliability rating ranges from 1 - 5, with 5 being an area that you are very unlikely to be caught at, and 1 being an area with a high chance of being caught. A rating is expressed like class E5 or class D3. Now, when its time to make a decision of where you want to smoke its a much easier decision because you can choose an area that fits you mood. If your on edge and want to have an exhilerating experience, you may want to choose an are with low reliability so that the stakes are raised.
Def. Cont. : Note: an area cannot be proclaimed an SCP until you have actually smoked there, until you have smoked there it must be known as a PSCP (posible stoner checkpoint)

Alright man so I'm feeling the Class E4 SCP on the log bridge by the pipe line this time." "Yeah man, same. I just want to relax and look out on to the water.
by Wallace Wesley November 04, 2010

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