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The inability to utter what you want to say, after T.S. Eliot's character in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
Friend B: "The girl wanted me to ask her out...I couldn't though, and suffered from Prufrockian Paralysis.
by Wallace Carlos June 20, 2009
A.) When, upon waking, one realizes that you went on Facebook last night blacked out - resulting in untold horrors.

B.) The actions of going on Facebook while in the middle of a alcohol-induced blackout.
A.) "Why did I send six vile Facebook messages last night to people I barely know? Oh, it must have been a Facebook Blackout..."

B) "Duuudeee...I am so going to send messages to this bitch!"

"Dude, don't do it, your in the middle of a Facebook blackout!"
by Wallace Carlos June 02, 2009
Female coworker who cannot be criticized because other men worship her ass. Because of the virtues of her ass she is able to do whatever she wants and is quickly promoted through the ranks. Employees who cross her, even if they are originally of a higher rank, will soon find themselves unemployed.
"She never does anything, just goes to the back and talks about music with the boss." -- Employee One

"Yeah, she's a Golden Ass." -- Employee Two
by Wallace Carlos August 03, 2011
The condition in which an uptight prude who was blacked out while drinking suddenly becomes the crudest person imaginable.
Drunk Prude: "I want to f*** fill in the blank right now!"

Drunk Prude's Friend to fill-in-the-blank: "Believe me, he really does not want to do that to you, he's having a case of blackout tourettes..."
by Wallace Carlos June 05, 2009
The duty of a male when the girl he likes decides to date a man of lesser qualities / virtues / value
"She evidently likes the douche with the receding hairline...It's time to get-out-of-the-way-and-let-her-fuck-the-construction-worker."
by Wallace Carlos September 22, 2009
The proper wearing of a sweater vest (over a button shirt and khaki pants). Violations of vesthood are combining the vest with shorts, jeans, or untucked shirts.
"Someone needs to question that hipster's vesthood. He's wearing a sweater vest and skinny jeans."
by Wallace Carlos June 12, 2009

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