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Background: This word is rumored to have spurn from an individual that was not self absorbed like James Joyce at all.

One who picks up a ketchup packet from a restaurant counter but uses it for other means then intended.

To make novel use of an item in a romantic, dramatic or droll way.

Having the quality of being novel in perspective in life, particularly when it comes to tangible items.
Noun: “You are such a gouthami” –President Glopperty to his assistant in a news conference during a rather windy day.

Verb: “As Celia walked along the lane, she sighed as she remembered to pick up the G.I.Joe for her brother, although she knew he would gouthami it, rather than playing with it in the grass like the other boys” – Joplin Emert, from The Hallster Corrine

Adjective: “The applesauce simmered in the large pot, congealing and thickening in the thick hot container, wishing it had instead been given to one more gouthami”. – From The Writings of Jupiter Collasel
by Wallaby April 17, 2005
a. German word for window.

b. Also used to describe someone who is obviously sleazy. Typically a guy with scandalous, unwanted intention.
a. Oh no! It is raning! By golly, we've got to close the fenster! (the rest said in german of course)

b. I had my pepper spray ready for the eyeballing fenster. His eyes wouldn't be as active for long..
by wallaby July 31, 2005
This word is an exclamation, used to convey the sense of having forgotten something and then suddently remembered.
"Ope! I need to tell you.."

(brief silence) "Ope! I forgot!"
by Wallaby April 18, 2005

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