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any kind of moronic human being, that performs outrageous acts of stupidity, or verbal suggestions of retardation. Literally means a bleeding or broken douche bag.

Douche Larouche is a compound insult, that can package other insults.for instance: Douche la fucking rouche!

"I think Tothian is a douche larouche, for not knowing the term wetback."

"I dare you to pass me you douche la fuckin' rouche."

#douche #larouche #douche la #rouche #doosh #la #roosh
by Wall Creeper April 30, 2008
A Jewish Lesbian, often large or fat, stupid, silly, or just annoying
"Can you believe Ester's father found out about her Kyke Dyke lover?"

"That Kyke Dyke just stole from the offering bowl!"
#kyke #dyke #jewish #lesbian #jew
by Wall Creeper April 30, 2008
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