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((Warning - this is a parallell/micktake of fridge mothers))
The reason for neurotypicality remains unknown. There are several theories, however, perhaps one of the most well-known, despite being discredited, is oven fathers. Kann Leor first proposed this idea. In his 1949 paper, he attruibited neurotypiclaity to a "genuine excess of paternal warmth" and the oven father theory of neurotypicality was born.
People used to say that oven fathers caused neurotypicality - we now know that neurotypicality causes oven fathers.
by Walking Talking Dictionary January 06, 2007
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uMember of the circle (moc/c/circle)
Before this can be defined, we need to know the origins.
In one startrek episode there was a group called 'the circle' whose logo kept popping up everywhere. The circle are a group who reckon that only bajorans should be on bajor.
So if someone's a member of the circle, it means that they are really anti-immigration to the point where they might well be willing to build <country's> great wall, especially if there has been some past bad experience with people coming in and this stems from a slight to severe over-reaction to that past injustice.
Random person: *builds <country's> great wall.
Me: What are you doing?
RP: *starts lecturing me about immigration and how immigrants have no rights to be here and such.*
Me: You are such a member of the circle/You are such a circle/You are such a cm.

((DISCLAIMER: Random person does not represent my viewpoints - he merely represents the circle's beliefs.))
by Walking Talking Dictionary January 28, 2007
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31/12 is the English way of writing December 31st in shorthand.

Someone is told to write the date on December thirty-first but doesn't have very much time so they write 31/12.
by Walking Talking Dictionary October 27, 2006
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In roleplay, where a player acts like your character's actions towards your character are YOUR ACTIONS TOWARDS THEM.
Character A insults Character B. Character B's player, Personie nms Player of character A, Someone. Personie is moaning in OOC to Someone about how Someone is mean or some such.
by Walking Talking Dictionary May 23, 2007
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This is just the British way of spelling 'rainbow colors'
Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain is a handy way to remember the rainbow colours.

by Walking Talking Dictionary September 08, 2006
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old boy In Kempston, just as people say 'old man' as a term for their father, we also use 'old boy' to refer to our elder brothers. In the same way, 'young old boy' is used to refer to our younger brothers. This appears to be contained within Kempston and is dying out.

Half-brothers and step-borthers are also sometimes described in this way.

It is mostly only used in the genetic sense but is seldom used in terms of emotional bonds.
Person A: Aren't you somebody's little brother?
(person's B's response here)
Kempstonian person: Yeh, they're my young old boy.
by Walking Talking Dictionary August 10, 2006
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Black is a lot of things. Its not strictly a colour - its a shade.
As opposed to white which is technically a hint.
Black is used to denote shadows in art. Also used for silhouettes, e.t.c
by Walking Talking Dictionary November 08, 2006
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