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When emo chicks take pictures of them selves by holding their cameras high and to the side looking down at them. Conventions include fake tears, messages/drawings on hands, leaning against walls/mirrors, looking generally sad/cute depending on who the it is. This can also be achieved through the use of a reflection in a mirror, and pictures can be taken with digital cameras, camera phones, or if your particularly "hardXcore", an SLR cam too.
Emo A: Hey, do you want me to take a picture of you?
Emo B: No it's okay, I'll take it myself, from the emo angle.
Emo A: Cool should I draw a little heart on your face?
by Walker_023 March 17, 2009
A girl who is buttaz but spreadable, in that although she is facially unattractive (buttaz), she makes up for it with a body so good you want to fuck her (spreadable) despite her face. The term Anchor Chick referring to "Anchor's" spreadable range of the everyday dairy product (Anchor's spreadable butter).
Kane: What about her?
Karl: Nah shes ugly.
Kane: Well I'd fuck her.
Karl: Really?
Kane: Yeah, she's an Anchor Chick.
Karl: Skeen
Karl: What's an Anchor Chick?
Kane: Ya'know, she's butters, but spreadable.

by Walker_023 August 29, 2008

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