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2 definitions by Waleedz E

A term used for a boyfriend on the side, most often just for sexual relations only.
girl: Babe lets fuck right now
Boyfriend: not now, the basketball game is on
(girl gets phone)
Girl: im coming over now get the bed ready.
Boyfriend #2: twice in one day? ok fine
by Waleedz E June 14, 2009
106 34
one of the most dangerous and rapidly growing gangs in bensonhurst, originally started on bay thirty second street, now havecontrol of almost all of 86 st. they do have beef witht he Haitians and Jews that live in Crown Hieghts
yo that passenger in that camaro that just passed was throwin up B-Thirty-Two, we better find a new route to the corner store
by Waleedz E July 12, 2009
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