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pronounced i-EE-shuh, origin from the latin "I-EAT-SUCKERS-LIKE-YOU-FOR-BREAKFAST"

definition: noun, adj, verb

1):Beautiful lady that every wants to know. Fantastic friend who always has something interesting to talk about. Has a passion for beauty and adores helping others find their inner diva...

2): An extraordinary woman who is supercalifragilsticexpialidocious!! (Something close to that)!

3): John the Baptist (romantically speaking).

4): NOT easy like Sunday Morning. Not even close.

5): Sees all and says little. You're fooling no one...

6): Jill-of-all-trades.

7): Looks very sparkly.

synonyms: amazing, alexithymia, prettiful, shy-shy me oh my, flippin'-awesome, the-hotness...
"Wow that girl is soooo amazing! She is so AYEISHA!!"
"Man that calculus test was rough, it was totally Ayeisha!"
by WakeUpPeople February 06, 2010

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