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Somebody who has had or still having their parents run their entire life and they don't know any better. Their parents make every decision for them and influence them in ways you can't imagine.
-Pippen was gonna come to Florida with us but his parents said it might be a bad idea because Florida is far and God forbid something goes wrong, who will he have down there. Pippen suffers from the psychological disorder Parentism.

-Pippen always has a crisp $100 bill folded up in a secret pocket in his wallet for emergencies. His mom and dad taught him that.

-When Mike Langs friends ask him to come out, he always says he's busy. He wants to appear that he has a lot of stuff going on in his life so he don't look like a loser, but his friends know otherwise.
by Wakafaluka August 23, 2010
Someone who fucks during the day. Horny people who can't wait until night, and have to have sex sooner.
I passed Scotts apartment the other day at 1pm and saw his girls car there. The blinds were closed, doors were locked. I never knew Scott and his girl were day fuckers.
by Wakafaluka June 14, 2010
When a friend screws you out of money on the sly.
Ex. If your friend is supposed to put a bet in for a game for you and then when your team wins, he calls you up and says "I forgot to put the bet in".

Ex. He's running a football pool and the pools rules change week to week benefitting his picks.

"Hey Harry, did you collect from
Mack? I heard you won. Congrats"!
"No. Mack never ended up putting the bet in. He forgot".
"Ah man. That Mack is dopey dickin. You can't trust him"
"Yeah, he's a real snake in the grass"
by Wakafaluka October 22, 2013
To boom someone is to slam them down to the ground by grabbing their mid section, picking them up and slamming them down to the ground on their back.
Nico didn't like the nasty texts he was getting from somebody. So when Nico saw him, he didn't even give him a chance to punch him. Nico just ran over to him and boomed that cat and knocked him senseless.
by Wakafaluka September 08, 2010

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