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The act of standing back, or moving away.
Sir please glussd back.
Glussd! In the name of the law!
by Wagony WigWag July 05, 2011
One who Sings way too loud for his own good. Usually a wingalow will be very obnoxious and loud. usually a wingalow will be very tall and skinny or small and chubby.
Ah! what is that noise?
Oh thats a fat wingalow.
by Wagony WigWag July 08, 2011
The sound diarrhea makes what it comes out too fast into the toilet. The sound of your rectum draining of its smelly waist. The sound of chunky splashes falling into a porcelain bowl.
I kept hearing my brother in the bathroom Shplapp, and I couldn't sleep.
by Wagony WigWag July 05, 2011
To crap so much that it shoots you up and you catch air and partial hang time.
I haven't crapped in a few days, and I am afraid if I do I might Zwoogie!
by Wagony WigWag July 05, 2011
A person who steals the wii remote from a little kid when they are playing Super Mario Bros. Usually a Wiznatcher will be older than the victims playing the game. Often the Wiznatcher will be very obsessed with the game and only caring about winning. One word of advise when u ever come face to face with a Wiznatcher is never play Super Mario Bros. with him!
Waaaa!" The baby cried. "Mommy! That Wiznatcher stole my Wii!
by Wagony WigWag July 21, 2011
When you run so much, and you need to urinate, but you don't want to. it forces out of your anus. Usually in a squirting and spraying form.
When one explodes with urine out of the rectum.
The fat guy had too urinate but there was no bathroom close by and he tried to run to the nearest bathroom and he heffacorned
by Wagony WigWag July 08, 2011

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