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the dumbass school that sold a $62,000 trailer for $1 on eBay. Good job Rachael Heath!
Person 1:Did you hear about that trailer at East Stroudsburg South?
Person 2: Hell yeah, what a bunch of dumbasses!
by Waffuhl August 05, 2009
Upward Bound is the experience of a lifetime. Commonly referred to UB. It's a college prep program, but no one really cares about that stuff. UB has the most amazing people ever. Staying there over the summer is the best thing a person can do with their life. Go to your guidance counselor now and see if there's an Upward Bound program near you.
We are UB!
The best Upward Bound program out there is the one at ESU ;D

Going to see my UB lovers this Saturday. FUCK YES!
UB is the shiz!
by Waffuhl August 05, 2009
Synonymous with faggotry. Used by scenefags and metalheads to describe something 'cool'. But, we all know that nothing they like is ever, or ever will be, cool.
Scenefag: D00d! BrokenCYDE is so br00tal!!!!!!!!
Normal Person: Shut the fuck up.
by Waffuhl August 05, 2009
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