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A social network site that is home to stalkers, rapist, child molesters, teenagers (more girls than boys), collage students, and 8-12 year olds who think its cool to friend random people and will most likey fall victim to a rapist/child molesters due to ignorance of false advertising queers.

And is now becoming home to more stalker/rapists/child molesters because of the new thing coming to their site: a locater that tells where people facebooking on their cell phones or laptops (mobile) are, almost the exact location. coming sometime late 2010 or in 2011 i think.
Smart guy: whoever invented facebook must like allowing people to find other people to stalk/rape/child molest, also its for loser and, according to UD, college kids.

Duhm girl: No, Face book is cool i have like 19539 friends!

Smart guy: do you know any of them?

Duhm girl: uh only 6 or 7.

Smart guy: well have fun getting stalked/ raped/child molested, girl that looks hot but actually is stupid.
#gay #ghey #retarded #rape #stalk #child molestation.
by Waffles492 August 20, 2010
When a band (mostly hevry metal) like slipknot or avenged 7fold drums way to hard. In some peoples opinion, this is awsome, in others, it sucks ass.
avenged 7fold's Nightmare was kinda over-drummed but stilled listenable.
#avenged sevenfold #heavy metal #false metal #drums #assholes
by Waffles492 July 30, 2010
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