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Somebody whom thinks President Obama can do no wrong.
Sarah is for gun control and that makes her an O-Bot.
The New Black Panther Party are O-Bots.
by Waffen SS Soldat April 16, 2012
Rural outlaws whom creep around at night to commit their evil crimes
"Better keep your dogs inside at night, 'cause the Viet Cong have been stealing them lately."
by Waffen SS Soldat January 18, 2013
A gun that is reliable, durable, and safe; despite being made of parts from at least three different sources.
Bobby's AR-15A2 rifle has a Huldra Arms upper, a MeproArms dot reflex sights, A TAPCO, adjustable stock, and a MegaArms lower receiver. It also has a Troy Industries folding front sight, too. The above AR-15A2 is a real Frankenzilla.
by Waffen SS Soldat January 13, 2013

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