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One who behaves in a particularly obnoxious or selfish manner; as though they have cum for brains. A jerk.
Tom ate the last of the fuck'n cheese again, and he hasn't been to the store in over a month, that dick head!

Girl: Are you still dating Simon?
Another Girl: What the fuck! I thought he was cool at first, but that asswipe stood me up twice in a row and never called again!
Girl: What a dick head!
by Waer November 09, 2005
(Verb) When one sex partner spooges into his palm and quickly lobs it at the other. Alternately, no sex partner is needed, just jizz and fling.
Rude prisoner: Gave that sucka guard a spider-man.

Randy-at-the-last: Unng unnh ahhh oohh! Here baby, catch! Hehehheh. Spider-man!

by Waer November 09, 2005
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