31 definitions by Wade

To fart, one who passes gas.
Dave is a real assripper.
by Wade December 08, 2003
meaning both inflammed and flaring up...all at once
I twisted my knee while kneeling in front of some Belgian guy, and now it's inflared.
by Wade November 23, 2004
to be able to suck your own dick.
i caliguire. sometimes.
by wade January 23, 2004
a delightful mispronounciation of potent and pungent
Holy shit that candle smells putent
by Wade November 23, 2004
the loose skin in a womans "nether regions" - usually as a result of dramatic weight loss
My quabiboo is so damn loose
by Wade November 23, 2004
having strong opinions on a topic
Your brother is very personated in regareds to his classes.
by Wade November 23, 2004
When foxes trot across the road in front of you
Holy shit, it just went troxing in front of me!
by Wade November 23, 2004

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