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The funniest cartoon making fun of retarded people known to man. It is about the adventures of a retarded dog, who has no super powers, just super retarded, and his arch enemy.
Hey, isn't that the super retarded dog theme. S-U-P-E-R R-E tarded D-O-G!
#retarded animals #evil people #retarded #special kids #dogs #gas
by Waddle June 06, 2006
Someone who is a goober, doofus, or dumbass. A goondick will usually take this as a complement to his stupidity and will continue to do things that make him look as though he is a goondick, such as being outsmarted by microwaves, tellings stories that never really happened, talking about having sex with their friend's underaged cousins and talking about writing in his diary when people are mean to him.
So, I have this really great story that never really happened...
--- Charlie, you're such a goondick.

If you don't stop making fun of me, I'm gonna stick it in your cousin's ass.
--- Charlie, you're such a goondick.

Jamie, your microwave's smarter than me.
--- Man, Charlie you're a goondick.
#dork #doofus #goober #dumbass #freak
by Waddle June 06, 2006
A Titty Bar...if you couldn't figure it out on your own
Let's go to the bitty tar and check out some tig ol' bitties.
#strip club #titty bar #gentleman's club #boobie bar #southern exposure
by Waddle June 06, 2006
A rare breed of Sri Lankan spider monkey that moisturizes itself 6-8 times daily while thinking about sweaty, hairy men.
Hey Phil, why does that prev keep rubbing rob reiner every time he looks at you?
by waddle May 13, 2003
Nature's speedbump.
Was that a wave?
No, it was just a fat useless manatee.
by waddle May 06, 2003
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