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An immense accumulation of pubic hair, especially in a female.
Damn! Can you see the puffage in her spandex?
by Wad3 November 15, 2006
When one is socially shunned by various groups of peers. This parallels the "fat kid" that no one ever wanted on their kick ball team in elementary school.
Wade: "Haha, matt was pwnd! No one wanted him in their group."
John: "He was totally fat kidded."
by Wad3 March 17, 2008
A word to describe a young bro kid, usually under the age of 16. It combines "Bro" and "Munchkin."
Wade: See that little faggot bro kid over there on his huffy?

John: Total Bronchkin.
by wad3 September 27, 2009

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