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Chippy is a name secretly given to a fat female. her face usually looks like a chipmunk cuz her cheeks are fucking thick and puffy. also chippy is never used as a compliment because it usually means your ugly as shit. chippys usually have a bad sense of style and are short and pudgey. they could also be considered as fat whores. her buck teeth can make your dick crooked after oral sex.
"woah man did yew see that gurl?"
"yeah bro she looked like a gross chippy"

"dude.. did you see who zach was dating?"
"yeah bro. her cheeks were fat as shit. must be a chippy. damn, i hope her teeth aren't fucked up."
"so when she gives zach head, his dick wont go crooked."
by Wackey October 28, 2011
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