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Free Sex means to get sex with out paying.
I get free sex because that girl is not a prostitute.
#penis #goes #in #vagina #for #free
by Wabbz July 10, 2008
A creature from the sea that makes its way to happy beach goers privates and attacks them with their snippy things. Snip snip. Snippity snip. Can be passed on through sex and the use of pubics. Hightly visible through clothes and other items to hide your bits due to their vast size. An STI with a purpose :)
Man: Alison whats that crawling up your leg?

Alison: Oh shit im getting crabs.

Man: Shit no sex for me, I have pubic.
#snippy #snippity #snip #sex #pubic #bits #sti
by Wabbz July 10, 2008
A free online dictionary for posting bullshit definitions for words and for leaning mindless definitions for words posted by other retarded users.
I am going to use the Urban Dictionary to put a stupid definition for the word cat just for a laugh.
#urban #dictionary #retarded #mindless #bullshit
by Wabbz February 01, 2009
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