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A female that takes sassiness too far. A self centered attention whore, with dreams of singing, shopping, and various other stereotypical vices. Usually this female will tease, flirt, and dry hump to get her way (only when intercourse is not an option).

Named from the doll from which their likeness is derived.
"Can you believe that bratz asked me for a dollar on the subway?"
by WXW March 19, 2007
The social structure of an occupation that consists of chicknheads, bratz, tricks and slappers.

When you work at a job that has many clique's and lazy broads, where rumors run as rampant as office transmitted STD's.

Places of "Office Polli-Tricks: McDonalds, Burger King, general fast food, urban offices, and inner-city high school.
"Of course I have no one to back me up with this paper work, chalk it up for Office Polli-Tricks."
by WXW March 19, 2007

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