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5 definitions by WU

1: a jet or current especially of water directed against a part or into a cavity of the body b : an act of cleansing with a douche
2: David Hasselhoff
"Dude! I saw the douche from Baywatch get out of his car today in brown, lace-up leather pants, waving his arms like an idiot!"
by WU December 11, 2005
idiot, ingrate, moron
Look at this fucking lampdafeaster with the goat in his pants.
by Wu April 16, 2003
To be God like. To be the highest accomplishment. Stronger and more sexy then phrase Uber.
"Man, I wish I was Ridock." Or "That was so F'in ridock I could die!"
by Wu December 29, 2005
a nonse
rr no knifes fs hurry up u noncicooler
by Wu July 16, 2003
Hip Hop group lead by rapper B-Real, music related to weed, smoking weed , rolling weed, smoking weed thru bongs, about people buying weed, selling weed and growing weed.
"lets have this owl on cypress hill"
"i can hear hits from the bong" "yea its cypress hill, shall i ring glen?"
"yea quart plz"
by Wu April 06, 2003