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A group of people/music everyone else like to give shit.

Emo basically means the group all the other cliques like to give hell when, in fact, they are all being idiotic hypocrites.

Popular guy: Hey! you emo fag, go kill yourself!!! LOL!!!
That annoying girl in you class that everyone hates: OMG LOL!!!
dorky kid: You can do the world a service, go slit your wrists.
Teacher: Why do you have to be so different? Whats wrong with conformism?
Emo kid: *Ignores the cruel insults, they aren't even worth the time*

Popular girl: Why can't you just kill yourself already? you're so worthless and stupid!!!!!!

Popular guy: LOL OMG THAT'S SO FUNNY!!!
Un-popular guy: Yeah you stupid emo go kill yourself

Un-popular girl: You're sooooooooo gay. No girl would ever go out with you.

Emo kid: *Kills self because of how fucking stupid his classmates are being*

All students who used to tease the emo kid: *fake sadness* We didn't mean to kill him/her!!! It was an accident
Me: Retards, you didn't think that calling someone names and telling them they are worthless and stupid would get them upset??

Students (Bullies): But he wasn't a real person, he was just adhering to a trend!
Me: *amazed that neanderthals like these idiots know what "adhering" means, then gets over it* not a real person?? Cause he was different? wow, so this is why the planet is being shot to hell... bigots like you are going to inherit the world... Damnnn, we're all screwed.
by WTH?? May 02, 2011

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