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Obviously the Plural of stalker.

Stalkers can work in groups.

Stalkers are people who try to harass their chosen victims. No bullying tactic is out of bounds.

They're usually dishonest, and have no ethics whatsoever. They will lie, cheat and steal to get end, and to them, the end justifies the means.

For a gang of stalkers, they will play tag team, messing with their subjects, to no end.

Stalkers are often not good thinkers. Their critical thinking skills are poor, and will often hold strange beliefs, such as, they've been abducted by aliens, and other such nonsense. They're definitely not intelligent people.

If you treat people with niceness, the same in return.

Whoever takes part in trying to destroy another's life probably deserves the same in return.

And even despite that, attacking individuals is still wrong.

My morality basically revolves around respect for the individual. Theirs must be based on something else.
My stalkers keep trying to ruin my life.

Joe was harassed by multiple people. He was the victim of stalkers.

Stalkers won't ever stop giving people shit. And they might turn violent!
by WTFasdfasdfasdfasdfasd August 22, 2011

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