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1. After anal sex has occurred, the receiving party flatulates, and in doing so a bubble of cum arises tickling the ass of the receiving party so that they giggle in a girlish manner.
2. One who is annoying, acting like a retard, or that you hate.
Guy 1: Fuck off you Ass Tickling Cum Bubble!!!!
by WTFIceman April 04, 2008
1. A puddle of semen.
2. One who is rather large and acting like an asshole.
3. A piece of shit.
"That guy just cut me off, what a Puddle of Fuck!!!"
by WTFIceman April 04, 2008
1. A sex position during a threesome of 2 men 1 woman, both men insert their penis in the womans orphus, and the friction of thrusts between both male parties feels like you are starting a fire.
2. See also Crossing Swords
Guy 1: "Dude what was the name of that sex move we did with that girl last night?"
Guy 2: "O you mean the Fire Starter, yea its new!!!!"
by WTFIceman April 04, 2008

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