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(n)A major world religion, committed to by all posers. Major god is Sean Maguire, aka:THE POSER, major customs include:1.poser rapping (praying) daily 2.always know that if not a poser Seans wrath will be upon you 3.ALWAYS without exeption say," Yo yo yo homie G."
Poserism was founded in 2005 AD by Sean Maguire.
by WTF April 25, 2005
a player who is nub at cs <3
timez is a nub
by wtf July 08, 2003
Put your tongue into the bitch's ass......and "let it toast". You'll get it toasted. A little bit disgusting, but, who cares.
Recommended to be done by the bitch
by WTF August 20, 2003
Shitty suburban town in Massachusetts that somehow managed to attain a prejudice, inane, and incredibly stuck up populace.
"I would like to thank a majority of the residents from Wilmington, Massachusetts, for making my life boring."
by wtf March 12, 2004
Something what lil kids say after they hear it from the fifth graders. See fax regina pegina pennsylvania ants and Alabama
Mommy: Billy it's sleepy time now, come to bed!

Billy: Fax you in the faxing funt you stupid faxing son of a beech fax your mother, fax your father, im gonna faxing kill your funt until you faxing die you stupid faxing funt!!!!

Mommy: Isn't he adorable?
by wtf March 08, 2005
A skate designed by the notorious lol inc. Few pictures of the skate have been released, most likely because only two prototypes of the skate are believed to exist. There had been an auction for one such Lollerskate on E-bay several months back. Both the seller and the bidder of this Lollerskate was unable to be tracked. The latest rumor has it that the Lollerskate has been sold to the government in an attempt to provide U.S. troops with cheap, comfortable, and efficient transportation, but I doubt that we'll ever know the truth. As to what a Lollerskate actually can do is also a mystery, although Jeffrey Lamaou certainly has an idea as to the properties of the Lollerskate as made apparent by his May, 2004 statement, "The Lollerskate will soon see mass-marketing and production by the year 2023, and it will go hand in hand with flying cars." With the limited documentation that's available to the public regarding the Lollerskate, the only concrete information is that it will be released with the price tag of $100-250 dollars per pair. With such an unimaginably low price for such a woundrous product, I for one am eager to ascertain its details. More as it develops.
Yeh fo' sho nigga, dat cadillac makes 1 hella ride but it ain't no fuckin' lollerskate ya know wut im sayin'?
by wtf October 18, 2004
A program referring to the extermination of all "impure" people, mainly concerning of Jewish origin by Nazi Germany in the years 1939-1945

Even though the holocaust also involved nearly 5 million people of non-Jewish ancestry, the mass extermination of the Jews decimated the entire Jewish population of the world by two thirds, and nearly eliminated almost all Jews residing in Europe.

Let's not forget, if the amount of Jews was proportional to the quantity of Americans for example, then the casualties would likely be circa 200 million.
Israel was created as a direct effect of this incident, because the Jewish people simply had nowhere else to go!
by wtf March 18, 2005

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