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A man-boy monster that lives on the west end of the city of Florissant. He is rumored to have grown a full beard at the age of 14 and has released 14 triple platinum rap albums. This individual is extremely dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. If you sight a grandma billy hold completely still and keep blank thoughts as most Grandma Billies can hear thoughts.
Never before sighted by the public but Grandma Billy is rumored to have existed by Sigmund Freud and many other reputable psychological therapists.
by WTBHeals December 26, 2009
A black man with some form of the verb "Willis" in his name. Willis meaning "to dangle." A "Long Dong Willie" is a man with an irregularly large penis.

There is one long dong willie living today located in central North America. This LDW is Barry "THE DONG" Willis. This individual spends his time in strip clubs picking up other people's money off the floor and giving it back to the stripper.
Barry Willis

Alias used are...

The Dong
Long Dong Willie
The Grim Reaper
Long Dong

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 163
Penis: 2'
by WTBHeals March 22, 2010

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