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Western Park is a 'hood in South Oak Cliff, TX. It's a real big 'hood with about 6 smaller ones inside of it, Dopeside, Kenwood, Highland Road Village, Village Green, Los Encinos and Westhaven Park. It's nicknames is WP, 445, or Trap Town.

Since it's big as hell, it got a whole lotta gangs in it that are in different sides.

Dopeside- Bloods

Kenwood- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs, Sureños

Highland Road Village- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs, Sureños, Ski Mask Click

Village Green- Crips, Ski Mask Click

Los Encinos- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs

Westhaven Park- Crips, Sureños, Oak Cliff Thugs

We also got different races that are in different sides.
La Rue's the blocc, Western Park's the 'hood
by WP Rider January 22, 2011

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