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12 definitions by WICKED

omfg fkin sexc as -
OoOoh! look at the WicKeD Guy!! omfg, Hes sooOoo SeXC!!
by WicKeD October 23, 2003
The slur for Orthadox Jew. Derived from the big back hats that they wear. Also derived from the yarmulke.
by wicked August 15, 2003
to desire the erotic involvment of multiple male video game characters
Do you squall? I squall on a nightly basis.
by Wicked September 06, 2004
a guy whose a really bitch
adam, adam loved to play tennis with the girls because he was to sissy to play football
by wicked December 04, 2003
a nerd or science freak who would look and act somewhat like the guy from dexters labortory.
poindexter - "jupiter has hurrricans that last twenty years, going at speeds up to 40000 miles an hour."
you - " shut up about science you poindexter this is a fucking party"
by wicked October 16, 2003