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"without seeds"

Male plants shed pollen, female pistils get pollinated, every hair produces a seed.

Background is that ususally you have to sort out the seeds, cause they pop and burn in the spliff. Nasty flavour!

also the cannabisplant invests more of its resources into resin production.

some folks confuse sensee with a strain.

cheers, WHS
"remove males to obtain sensemilla"
by WHS June 02, 2004
a Willhoit is one unit of coffee. Mr. Al Willhoit of Wauconda High School drinks so much coffee that he deserves the unit of coffee named after him. He burned his tounge too many times and that's why he has a lisp.
Im buzzed cuz i had 1200 willhoits today!
by WHS February 25, 2005
a US. 45cal. submachine gun from WW.II. little piece of sheetmetal that has one feature.

Load, press trigger, Splurrrrt!

no option for single shots, unless u have a very sensible finger.
don´t u fukk with me, got a greasegun from poppa in the shed.
by WHS June 02, 2004
a wonderful cannabis strain from the early dutch days.

Hybrid between a lemony strain from pakistan and a dutch bred skunk.

The plant grows fast and tall, the weed is very inspiring, happy, good for social events.

for the cannabis gourmet.

"oh, man it´s Cithral, i will never forget that lemony smell!"
by WHS June 02, 2004
also comes in 5.56mm NATO, if i am not mistaken.

Best submachine gun in the world.
The germans are just talented for building and perfecting weapons.
MP5 is a good example.

..they could never build an AK without
overperfecting it.
by WHS June 02, 2004
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