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A sweet girl with a spunky attitude. Can be really crazy and is always fun to be around. She is a great person to be friends with, and is a HUGE fan of anime. She is selfless and shy, but when she gets to know you, she is really sweet and caring. She always has a smile on her face. even through rough times. She has so far had two boyfriends. One turned out to be a total jerk, and the other she had to move so she lost him. Nicknames include Ally, Aj (because of her middle name), and Alex. She is friendly and has had many close friends that she keeps in touch with. A wonderful poet for being fairly young, and is a fantastic writer. She has touched the hearts of many.
Hey Alexandra! How was your day today?
Great! How was yours?
Wonderful now that I can talk to you!
by WHATISMYNAME? October 07, 2011
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